The Students’ Welfare Authority (SWA) is in charge of student accommodation and catering. Majority of the students’ halls of Residence and Central Catering Unit are situated along State House Road. Foreign Students who wish to be considered for on - campus accommodation should apply at least six months in advance to the Director, SWA, through the respective Deans/Directors of Faculties/Schools/Institutes. Admission to the University does not guarantee on-campus accommodation.

Contact Information

Halls Manager

Physical Location: State House Road

Telephone:  020 -4913433

Email: /

Website: Students’ Welfare Authority


Off-campus accommodation

Students can also find secure and private accommodation outside the University e.g. YMCA, YWCA, QWETU and other secure and affordable guesthouses (see the list below). Students are advised to seek assistance regarding such accommodation from Dean of Students or the International Office

List of private hostels around University of Nairobi

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