Functions of the Directorate

The Corporate Affairs function involves planning, developing, evaluating and implementing communication and public relations strategies that present the organization to the public, clients and other stakeholders. 

The main functions of a Corporate Affairs office include:

  1. Provide leadership in strategic communications
  2. Provide leadership and support to the University’s corporate functions
  3. Promote the image (reputation), brand identity and visibility of the University
  4. Promote and maintain mutually beneficial relationships through strategic partnerships with Government (including County governments), corporate organizations and other stakeholders.
  5. Promote change and innovation through timely response to the needs of the University community
  6. Conduct internal communication training, workshops and media training
  7. Develop corporate communication risk assessments and implementing crisis management plans to ensure the organization’s reputation is maintained
  8. Monitor public opinion on particular issues and advise management accordingly
  9. Advise on public policy and administrative matters
  10. Facilitate protocol services at University events and functions.
  11. Responsible for development, implementation and review of relevant policies to regulate communication, brand promotion and marketing.
  12. Responsible for Planning publicity strategies and marketing campaigns including promotional events such as open days, exhibitions, tours, and visits
  13.  Address inquiries from the public, media and other organizations
  14. Coordinate media interviews, press conferences, and presentations
  15. Analyzing media coverage and prepare quarterly reports therefrom.
  16. Providing clients with information about new promotional opportunities and current PR campaigns progress
  17. Monitor implementation of the communication strategy
  18. Commission or undertake relevant market research
  19. Liaise with clients, managerial and journalistic staff about budgets, timescales and objectives
  20. Provide in-house media support to the University
  21. Design, write and/or produce presentations, speeches, press releases, articles, leaflets, ‘in-house' journals, reports, publicity brochures, posters, and information for websites and promotional videos and documentaries
  22. Implement the University’s communication strategy and social media strategy
  23. Monitor and manage customer feedback through E-mail, website, and social media platforms
  24. House the International Office where international students’ issues and linkages are handled.
  25. Process international students’ visas and work permits for international staff
  26. Maintain a database of international students.
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