University Celebrates Staff Performance, Signs Performance Contract

University Celebrates Staff Performance, Signs Performance Contract

The Directorate of Corporate Affairs emerged the second best among the central departments during the performance contract award ceremony 2023. The Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology chaired by Prof. George Abong was the most exceptional and remarkable department. The teaching department that attained the excellent grades were, the Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology chaired by Prof. George Abong, the Department of Clinical Studies chaired by Prof. James Nguhiu Mwangi, the Department of Management science and Project planning chaired by Dr. Thomas Ombati and the Department of Medical Microbiology that has retained an excellent grade for some years, chaired by Dr. Marianne Mureithi. The most improved teaching departments were, the Department of Real Estate, Construction Management and Quantity Survey, the Department of Diplomacy and International Studies and The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. In the Top researchers awards that brought most grants to the institution were the Faculty of Education at position three, Faculty of Agriculture at second place and the Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology being the overall top researchers. The teachers of the year were Dr. Rosemary Imonje, Prof. Paul M. Kimani, Dr. Evans Nyaboga and the Best overall teacher awarded to Dr. John Obiero.

Moreover, the faculties were not left behind either. “All faculties achieved the very good grade”, remarked the Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama. The best faculties were, the Faculty of Health Sciences chaired by Prof. George Osanjo, the Faculty of Science and Technology chaired Prof. Leonidah Kerubo and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine chaired by Prof. John Mande. The most improved faculties were the Faculty of Built Environment and Design, the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Faculty of Agriculture. Out of the 17 central units and directorates, 11 were ranked in the very good category. The best three departments among the central departments were, the Department of Supply Chain Management and Services chaired by Mr. Dickson Lugonzo, the Directorate of Corporate Affairs chaired by Mr. John Orindi, and the Dean of Students and Career Services Office chaired by Mr. Johnson Kinyua. The most improved central departments were the Department of Finance, the Department of Human Resource and the Department of Supply Chain Management.

Team work and dedication of the University of Nairobi staff was demonstrated at the staff performance recognition award, Monday November 23rd, 2023. A commendable total of 87 units signed and implemented the Performance Contract. The staff performance for the financial year 2022-2023 showed a significant improvement as compared to the previous financial year 2021-2022. According to the results of Performance Contract, 4 out of 61 teaching departments were ranked with excellent grades as opposed to just one during the previous financial year. In addition to this no unit posted a poor grade.

The Performance Contracts are integrated with broader visions outlined in the strategic plan to fortify the University’s commitment to achieving goals sufficiently and effectively. “The university’s strategic plans serve as the guiding record for crafting each performance contract”, explained Prof. Kiama. The signing of the Performance Contract financial year 2022-2023 also took place during this event. “The University has successfully concluded negotiations for the 2023-2024 Performance Contract. This agreement was informed by the parameters set forth in the University’s new strategic plan spanning the years 2023- 2027”, said Prof. Kiama. He continued to elaborate, “Each aspect of the performance contract aligns with the key areas identified in the strategic plan, which includes digitalization, research and community service, innovation and commercialization, ecosystem and people focused approach.” The vice chancellor concluded by urging members to work with what they have and multiply it.

Furthermore, the Performance Contract awards demonstrated the University’s commitment to fostering a culture of excellence. The performance assessments, as explained by the Chief Operations Officer Mr. Brian Ouma, included both the core competencies required by the University and also the competencies specific to the employees. The stages of the staff performance appraisal, as Mr. Ouma elaborated further, included: Setting departmental objectives; at the beginning of the appraisal process, the head of the department must set the departments objectives for the year. Secondly, setting targets; every staff in the university who has been set as an appraisee for the appraisal payroll is supposed to set their own targets in consultation with their supervisor, aligned with the departmental objectives. Thirdly is monitoring of the targets which is done either monthly, weekly or quarterly. Evaluation of the targets are done by the supervisor at the end of the cycle. Finally, is the moderation of the targets which is done when an employee is dissatisfied with the score given by the supervisor.

The vital role of recognizing staff performance was also highlighted during this event. The chief guest, Chair of Council, Prof. Amukowa Anangwe acknowledged the importance of awarding the university’s staff on their outstanding performance. “The staff recognition and awards are tokens of our appreciation for your exceptional efforts”. He called upon the staff to keep the UoN brand at the top, “Organization performance is the subtotal of individual performance, let's give our very best at individual levels as we also work collectively with each other”, he emphasized.

 The Vice Chancellor elaborated that the performance contract was introduced in Kenya with an aim to reestablish performance measurements, clarify corporate objectives, embrace customer orientation and foster a focus on productivity. He continued to explain that the University of Nairobi signed the first performance contract in the financial year 2005-2006. Since then, the university has remained on this path, recognizing the immense potential it holds for organizational growth and excellence.


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