First CIPR UoN cohort graduates

There was pomp and colour as the first CIPR UoN cohort was awarded CIPR Professional PR Diplomas. The ceremony which was held on July 17, 2021 was presided over by the Vice-chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama.

A record 20 graduates received their internationally recognized chartered PR practitioner status. The graduates were drawn from Kenya and Uganda. The University of Nairobi is a CIPR Accredited Teaching Centre in partnership with Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR UK) which is the only professional body in the world that can grant Chartered PR practitioner status. CIPR UK in partnership with various accredited teaching centres in different parts of the world, is dedicated to raising standards in public relations in Kenya and globally.

The Directorate of Corporate Affairs holds the franchise to train PR professionals in partnership with UNES.

While congratulating the gradaunds, Prof. Kiama noted the importance of professional qualifications.

“Professional training helps one to understand their industry, the basics of the profession, the rules of the game and the advanced strategies. More importantly, and thanks to the UoN CIPR faculty, you are now in a position to demonstrate with ease the value proposition of PR to your organizations,” said Prof. Kiama. “You have gained completely new skills in PR and I strongly believe that you are going to breath freshness in the execution of PR functions in your organizations. Getting a professional qualification in your area of interests is a show of commitment and dedication to the profession.”

The CIPR UoN Course Lead Ann Gichuhi challenged the graduates to make waves in the PR industry.

“After this course, you have gained global recognition, personal branding and especially the ability to be thought leaders in strategic communications in board rooms,” she noted. “With this qualification, you can now put your learning into practice, evaluate a wide range of PR concepts and techniques and applying them practically to your own work and sector.”

John Orindi, the Director of Corporate Affairs and CIPR UoN programme coordinator encouraged the graduates to employ listening skills in their practice.

“For a long time, PR was not measurable; but after CIPR you now understand that you can measure your progress and results. Go back to your organizations and set up listening mechanisms,” he noted.

The CIPR programme at UoN is coordinated from the Directorate of Corporate Affairs and UNES. UoN offers CIPR Professional PR certificate, CIPR Professional PR Diploma, Specialist Certificates in internal communications, public affairs, crisis communications and digital communications.