The office of the Dean of Students caters for non-academic matters of student life, and especially student welfare and conduct. The Dean of students Office also maintains a regular counseling service for individual students or groups. The aim of this service is to provide an opportunity for students to discuss their problems and to assist them in being realistic about themselves, their potential, independence and ability to solve their own problems.

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Dean of Students

Physical Location: Main Campus Gandhi wing Ground Floor

Telephone:  +254 20 4918119


Website: Student life 


The University of Nairobi is committed to producing holistic graduates who are prepared for the job market and entrepreneurial activities. Vocational and Career guidance services are provided by discussing vocational plans with student and advising government and employment agencies  about graduating students and their career interests. Mentorship programmes for students to address career opportunities are organized between students and representatives of various companies, firms, and government departments.

Contact Information

Career Services

Physical Location:     Mahatma Gandhi Building, G8 Office

Telephone:  020-491-8121 / +254 716 398 980


Website:   Career Services 


The University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) is the umbrella student body for all undergraduate students while the University of Nairobi International Students Association (UoNISA) is the umbrella body for all foreign students. All international students are expected to enroll as members of UoNISA.  Students are also encouraged to join professional and faith based organizations available in the University according to their interests.


It is a policy of the University to develop the finest sports talent possible. The University of Nairobi has various sporting facilities which include a swimming pool and pitches for football, hockey, basketball, lawn tennis, athletics, and rugby. The University also has teams that participate in the National leagues. Students are encouraged to participate in sporting activities.

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The university provides outpatient medical services for students and staff at the University Health Services facility. Patients may be referred to specialist doctors and other medical facilities as appropriate. Foreign students are advised to purchase medical insurance on arrival because the medical fees payable during student registration does not cater for hospital admission.

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Meals are available on pay-as you-eat basis for resident students at cafeterias conveniently located next to the halls of residence. One can choose to eat out in restaurants located in the vicinity of the respective University campuses. Students are not allowed to cook in the halls of residence.

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English –speaking students will get along well on campus but may need knowledge of Kiswahili when out in the city or when travelling to the countryside.


A course on Kenyan people and their culture can be arranged on request.

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