UoN Ranked among top universities globally

The University of Nairobi has ranked very highly in the just released Ranking Web of Universities-Webometrics. The University placed position 12 in Africa and 1,077 in the world, making the Institution one of the most highly ranked top 5% Universities in the world. The University has maintained a solid lead in East and Central Africa for the last 7 years. For the January 2022 edition, the ranking body reviewed about 31,000 Higher Education Institutions in over 200 countries across the globe.  Click HERE to see full list.

 The University ranked favourably in the 3 major indicators; Visibility, Transparency and Excellence. In the Visibility category; UoN placed position 6 in Africa and 1024 globally, this indicator accounts for 50% of the total weight rank and mainly focuses on the external networks linking to the Institutions web pages.  In the Transparency category, UoN is position 9 in Africa and 787 in the world. This indicator takes into account the most highly cited researchers in the institution and accounts for 10% of the total rank. The Excellence Indicator accounts for 40% of the rank, UoN is position 51 in Africa and 1689 in the world. The Excellence Indicator covers the top cited papers between 2016-2020.

The Ranking of web uses both the webometric (all missions) and Bibliometric (research missions) and has adopted an objective and scientific methodology to provide reliable, multidimensional and useful information about the Higher Education Institutions profiled. The purpose of this ranking is to promote open access to the knowledge generated by the selected Universities.